It is with a sad heart we report Grandmaster Michael Heneghan passed away on 20th June 2019 … all at Koshinryu and members of the ASJJ extend our sincerest sympathy to his wife Jane and family


Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia continues the jujutsu / jujitsu teachings and history of the former Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans … a history in Australia that dates back to 1906 … Detailed in the pages of this site are many reasons for choosing to learn Jujutsu as a member of Koshinryu … here are Six (6) of those reasons


  • 1.  Teachers (sensei) within our schools are guided by the most senior exponents of jujutsu in Australia. Ranked between 6th and 9th Dan with over 250 years collective jujutsu experience.
  • 2.  Members receive a complete training and grading syllabus detailing exactly what will be taught from the very beginning through to achieving a Black Belt. This includes a wealth of information to assist you in gaining a true appreciation for jujutsu.
  • 3.  All Koshinryu teachers are accredited by the Australian Government recognised National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

We invite you to come along to one of our schools and take a look, or contact us for more information …


  • 4.  You will be taught a system of jujutsu that is relevant, realistic, reliable and retainable, developed through a modernisation of the old ways … while still retaining many aspects of the traditional.
  • 5.  The Koshinryu system is based on the key principal of giving way to a force so as to: blend with, lead, control, and neutralise that force.  This is particularly important in meeting the specific needs of all students: men, women and children.
  • 6.  Koshinryu provides the opportunity for members to continue their learning far beyond achieving a Black Belt … where many schools may only offer recognition within their  dojo … within Koshinryu you can be confident progressing through the ranks will bring you international esteem.

A special invitation: if you are currently running a jujutsu / jujitsu school or considering starting-up a jujutsu / jujitsu school and could be interested in an alliance with Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia … Learn More →


  • … Our Next Annual Training Camp will be on the weekend 11th to 13th October 2019 … Last years camp PHOTO’s are now on the 3D Gallery Page–Grandmaster, Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia

  • … The date for the next Dan Gradings will be on 9th and 10th November 2019.  Please ensure all applications are submitted by the due date …  –Grandmaster, Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia

  • News Update:  Koshinryu Members – the minutes of the last AGM are available in the Members Library …  –Grandmaster, Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia 

  • … WCJJO World Sport Jujitsu Championships – Following the successful championships held in Australia October 2017, the next championships will be held in Orlando Florida USA August 2019  –Grandmaster, Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia

  • … The Koshinryu Tanto Goshin-Kata – description and video are available within the Members Library … this kata applies from 3rd Kyu … also included in the library are video of the Renkoho-waza, the Jo-kata, and the 6th Kyu Goshin-kata.  –Grandmaster, Koshinryu Jujutsu Australia


Congratulations to Adam Jarrett and Suzanne Foster in attaining Nidan and both Pamela Halim and Greg Newton in attaining Shodan


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